Manufacture, installation and maintenance of illuminated signs

Dedicated to the manufacture of ads and prints for various markets and/or industries in Mexico.

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Who are we?

We are one of the leading manufacturers of advertisements and impressions (Printed Materials) for a diverse group of markets and industries in Mexico with over 15 Years of Experience. We are committed to continue being the best option for our customers granting them support for comprehensive solution to their needs, seeking high levels of satisfaction, trust and safety in our products and services.

What do we do?

Our products

3D Letters

We specialize in all type of advertisement based on 3D letters and logos, applying different combinations of materials and finishing touches with lighting based on a LED technology.


We manufacture any kind of steel structure for ads such as racks, banners, light boxes, flags, billboards, totem poles, directories, special projects, among others.

Print outs

We have Print Outs in large format and high resolution over flexible materials with solvent-based and eco solvent inks.

  • Letras 3D

    Somos fabricantes en todo tipo de anuncios a base de letras y logotipos 3D aplicando diferentes combinaciones de materiales y acabados con iluminación a base de tecnología LED.

  • Estructuras

    Fabricamos cualquier tipo de estructura metálica para anuncios como bastidores, pendones, caja de luz, bandera, suajes, panorámicos, tótem, directorio, proyectos especiales, entre otros.

  • Impresiones

    Realizamos los siguientes tipos de impresión: Impresión en gran formato y alta resolución con tintas base solvente y ecosolvente sobre diversos materiales.

Other services


We have internal units and crews trainted to provide a professional service to your needs throughout the Mexican Republic.


We provide specialized support for the Repair and Maintenance of any type of advertisement.

Legal Advice

Legal assistance to obtain municipal permits.


Calculation Log and Structural Consulting.

Other services


Contamos con unidades capacitadas para dar un servicio profesional en toda la República Mexicana.


Brindamos soporte especializado para la reparación y mantenimiento de cualquier tipo de anuncio.

Asesoría Legal

Asesoría legal para permisos municipales.


Desarrollo y Asesoría en memorias de cálculos y estructurales.

Our clients

Our offices

Matriz Monterrey

Av. Industrias #161 Frac. Industrial Santa Catarina, Santa Catarina N.L. C.P. 66367

Tel: (81) 8390 -1818

Oficina Cd. de México

Av. Ejército Nacional #843-B, Piso 5, Col. Granada Del. Miguel Hidalgo, C.P. 11520, México D.F.

Tel: (55) 3640 – 4919

Planta Edo. de México

Av. López Mateos Lote 5, Col.
Faja de Oro Ecatepec de Morelos,
C.P. 55490, Edo. de México

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    Matriz Monterrey
    Tel: (81) 8390 -1818

    Oficina Cd. de México
    Tel: (55) 3640 – 4919

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